There’s no question that COVID-19 has changed how we work and how we view safety.  Reducing truck rolls is more than a way to reduce operating costs – it’s critical to protecting our employees and customers.

Sonix IQ™ is the first North American residential gas meter with remote shut-off capability, allowing utilities to control gas flow to each customer’s home without leaving the control room. This means that they can suspend service or stop gas flow in case of an emergency without dispatching a field tech.  The result: increased safety for both staff and customers in addition to improved customer service and lower ops costs.

With advanced alarms and diagnostics, Sonix IQ also allows gas utilities to remotely monitor meter health and diagnose problems, so customer issues can be resolved faster and often without field techs needing to access the customer’s property.

When combined with our Smart Gateway and FlexNet™ Communication network, the Sonix IQ creates an end-to-end solution for detecting gas leaks, alerting customers, and stopping gas flow to prevent greater disasters.  The Smart Gateway is battery powered and has an integrated radio, allowing utilities to monitor pressure and temperature levels throughout their system – from customers’ homes to points where no land-based communications or power is available.

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