Water is the most precious resource on earth and one that most of us take for granted. In the United States, utilities ensure their communities have access to clean water on demand without interruption no matter the situation.  Around the world, others are not as lucky. Water scarcity is a global water challenge, but it goes farther than just our planet.

As we watch the historic partnership between NASA and SpaceX, #LaunchAmerica, think about the astronauts at the international space station and the water scarcity they face. They don’t have access to the same water sources we have on earth. Water is brought into space on various missions, but 90% of what they have is recycled to ensure a constant supply.  

Recycled or reused water doesn’t sound so bad until you think about where it’s recycled from. It’s collected from condensation on the walls of the space station which is a result of the breath and sweat of those living there. A large amount is collected from the liquid waste of the astronauts… yep, now you can really #ThankYourUtility for consistently managing our local water sources for your benefit.

Not that recycled or “reuse” water is a bad thing. In our effort to solve water we are excited to increase conversations around sustainable water strategies and creating unique ways to show that reused water is a viable option to help provide clean water for everyone.

Solutions directly effecting astronauts in space are not the only efforts in water conservation that these space missions are revolutionizing. They have been putting in place systems to help monitor the flow of freshwater across the earth. With the use of satellites, data is being collected to offer insights to allow for better local water decisions as well as decisions around policy and conservation efforts that will ensure water availability long into the future.

There is a space for water conservation no matter where you live and your efforts can help sustain the galaxy’s most precious natural resource.  You can join us in helping conservation efforts around the globe through education, volunteer opportunities, donations, or just by sharing your ideas with us.