Today is Customer Experience (CX) Day, a day set aside for us to celebrate the importance of customers, recognize the importance of good customer experience and highlight customer experience professionals. CX Day is recognized by the U.S. Congress on the first Tuesday in October each year.

While today may not be as widely recognized as some other holidays or days of note, we couldn’t let an opportunity to show appreciation for our customers go unnoticed.

There’s no question that this year has been challenging and (in many ways) relentless for this industry. You – our customers and partners – have weathered global supply chain issues, labor constraints, natural disasters and the resurgence of a global pandemic.

So today, we’d like to pause for just a moment to celebrate you and convey our sincere appreciation.

  • We celebrate your relentless dedication to this industry and to the customers you serve.
  • We celebrate the work that you do and the passion, expertise and services that you deliver to your own customers every day.
  • We appreciate your belief in the value that Sensus brings to our partnership.
  • We appreciate your drive to improve and how you push us to consistently innovate, streamline and improve our products and services.

Today we thank you – all of you – for your continued resilience and belief in the work that we are doing together.  We value you and celebrate our partnership as we work together to create a more sustainable world.