Burger King’s long-lasting “Have It Your Way” advertising campaign was more than just a slogan – it personified the fast food giant’s belief that customers should have a choice. Conversely, for far too long, electric utilities have been unbending when it came to customer choice. As a ratepayer you had an unspoken arrangement with the utility – they provided reliable power and you paid a monthly bill. That’s it. No more.

However, in recent years, there has been a subtle shift. Utilities are emphasizing the consumer experience and developing programs that go beyond that original utility/ratepayer arrangement (In fact, the term “ratepayer” is no longer in vogue, with utilities defaulting to “customer”). Utilities are looking for ways to give their residents a level of control. A better experience.

One of the most visible changes has been with billing. What used to be a simple monthly bill has morphed. Utilities now offer time-of-use rates, incentive laden rates for electric vehicles, guaranteed fixed rates and even pre-pay. The enabling technology behind this philosophical shift has been smart meters.

A Fireside Chat with Georgia Power and Sensus

Recently, the Institute for Electric Innovation (IEI) brought together Kevin Kastner of Georgia Power and Mark Newton of Sensus for a fireside chat for their “Thought Leaders Speak Out 2021: Engaging Customers with Technology” series. They explored how smart meter data is being used to enhance the billing and payment experience and give customers more control.

By leveraging data from their AMI network, Georgia Power is providing customers with more than just a monthly bill.

In this series of videos, see how Georgia Power’s enabling their customers to “Have It Your Way.”