In today’s world, many of us are trying to manage homeschooling our kids and balancing a professional workload at the same time. I am not equipped to be a teacher, although I do have the benefit of the “Zoom a friend” option because grandma and grandpa are retired teachers.

When “Zooming” the grandparents is not an option, I look to the internet to figure out how to solve the latest math equation or find an activity to keep them entertained. My kids will tell you, teaching is not my forte, but I’ve enjoyed finding ways to encourage learning and keep them busy, while also trying to dispel their fears over the pandemic.

Working in the water industry, I decided to find some water-related activities that would bring my kids into my work environment outside of the typical photobomb of my Zoom background.  

My daughter is very concerned about germs. The thought of running out of hand sanitizer is especially scary to he. Thanks to the internet, I found a few experiments we put into action demonstrating that soap and water are the most effective germ fighters you can find.

The first experiment is focused on hand hygiene and uses a piece of bread to display how fast germs spread and the importance of thorough handwashing. I don’t want to give away the results, but you can probably guess the most effective approach to staying healthy.

The second experiment shows the power of soap! All you need for this one is some pepper, soap and water then watch the “germs” scatter!

After learning a little more about germs, she needed to learn the most effective washing method. I explained that all it takes is warm water, soap and a 20-second chorus. I found a great article with some options no matter your favorite music genre.

I’m pretty proud of bringing my personal and professional career together. At least I was until I realized, she is no Beyoncé. Basically, I’ve learned to mute my calls.

#ThankYourUtility for providing clean water to fight germs.