If you haven’t heard of the Utility Data Lake Software offering, this post is a great way to kick off the new year. The Utility Data Lake software is the latest offering in the analytical tooling suite to help customers better leverage advanced analytics with their FlexNet data.

Xylem builds applications that help utilities increase the utilization of their AMI data and the Utility Data Lake is just that – a central place for FlexNet data to live.

I’ll help you break this down… the Utility Data Lake provides utilities access to their FlexNet data in order to:

  • Run reports
  • Run ad hoc data queries
  • Build their own custom dashboards
  • Easily connect FlexNet data and customer SQL and Business Intelligence tools (i.e., Power BI, Crystal Reports, Azure, etc.)
  • Utilize data use tracking and permission management

The Utility Data Lake allows us to support utilities with use cases that are specific to their organization. We are helping them traverse the “last mile” so to speak of advanced AMI analytics.

We are also looking for your opinion on future functionalities to include in Utility Data Lake! What features would make your New Year’s Resolution list? What would you like to see the Utility Data Lake do in 2023? How about…

  • Automated integration with geospatial tooling (like ESRI)
  • Business process enablement with FlexNet data
  • Third-party data sets that would be helpful to have co-located with FlexNet data (i.e., weather, commercial information of buildings that meters are attached to, etc.)

To help you get to know more about the Utility Data Lake, we are launching a new series on the Sensus blog that exhibits use cases where Utility Data Lake has been implemented! We recently had a hackathon at the Xylem Reach conference and participants were able to leverage AMI data with the Utility Data Lake! 

Stay tuned to see the art of what is possible! Have a Happy New Year!