In 2017, the City of Cedar Park, Texas, deployed Sensus’ Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution, including the FlexNet® communication network and smart water meters. To make the most of its next-level data, the municipality also implemented Sensus Analytics and the Sensus Customer Portal for its 23,000 water customers.

Not only does the new smart water technology improve the city’s water monitoring and billing accuracy, but the enhanced customer engagement tools provide residents with greater awareness and control of their water consumption.

The city created an engaging campaign to roll out the customer portal program and get customers excited. Because of this, the response was positive, nearing national participation averages just three months after launch.

Through the user-friendly customer portal, Cedar Park customers gain a better understanding of their water usage—even in one-hour increments—before receiving their bills. They can also see factors that cause variations in monthly usage, such as weather, and they can create custom alerts for any sort of unusual water activity.

Enabling the online, self-service portal for water customers is a win-win. Cedar Park residents feel more in control of their water bills, which greatly decreases routine calls to the city’s customer service department.

“Analytics and the customer portal are invaluable customer service tools. Every day, we’re learning something new, and that’s going to impact every aspect of our business.”

Nanette McCartan, utility programs manager for Cedar Park

Smart water solutions are making a big splash in Cedar Park, Texas. See for yourself.

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