The global spotlight on cybersecurity may have you wondering, “Am I doing enough to keep my systems and my customers safe?” You’re not alone. From individuals to small business owners to global corporations, the pressure is on to safeguard our systems… And we are here to help. This post is part of a series on utility cybersecurity. In it, we will cover key things you can focus on today to make your systems more secure.

We’ve all been there. You are in the middle of working on something when you receive the dreaded pop-up: Updates available. You likely click postpone. Or perhaps it’s a software update on your phone demanding attention. You put it off until you pick your phone off the charger and like magic, things look a little different. A few months later, the cycle starts up again. And if you’re using complex, organization-wide software like the software that enables smart infrastructure, the cycle is even longer and more complex. It begs the question – Why can’t I just set it and forget it?

We can empathize and sympathize all day long. But every time you hit postpone, you open a window for cybercriminals. Every day, cybercriminals work hard and fast to find and exploit software vulnerabilities. Remember how I used to leave my car keys in the car? Security practices evolve, and software updates help us evolve with them. When you ignore the prompt to upgrade, you might be ignoring security patches and cybersecurity updates that make your device more secure.

For example, we evaluate our communication network and associated software on an ongoing basis. This proactive evaluation – and subsequent updates – are critical to ensuring a secure, high-performance system.

By upgrading to a newer software version, and by continuing to implement security best practices on your end, you protect your system, your customers and your community. It’s a win-win-win that ensures your system has the latest cybersecurity protections.

Keeping technology up-to-date is a partnership, and we appreciate your working with us to maintain a secure system.  If you have questions about software updates, please reach out.