Innovating the Future of Water – It’s the theme for ACE, the American Water Works Association’s annual conference. The definition of innovation is the introduction of something new. For us, it’s also about applying something in new ways to create a positive result. Our participation at the conference is centered on that concept. 

It’s all about opportunities for creating a better tomorrow through our innovative technology and solutions. This year we are bringing together more than thirteen Xylem brands, in one booth to show how we can help you build a smarter utility network at every point in the water cycle.

Xylem’s booth, BOOTH 1503, will be organized by four main zones aligning to the water cycle.

If TREATMENT AND TRANSPORT solutions that are your focus, we will feature actual models and displays to show how our products and systems can effectively meet the demands and challenges in water and wastewater. 

Our MEASUREMENT AND COMMUNICATION area will focus on advanced metering technologyand an exclusive utility-grade communication network to dynamically monitor your water network remotely and with accuracy.

At the core of innovation is information. Within the DATA AND ANALYTICS area we will feature solutions that will provide you with the information needed to understand the state of your entire water system, enabling deeper, more accurate insight into your operations. 

Our products and technologies are an important part of our business, but at the heart and soul is XYLEM WATERMARK, our corporate citizenship and social investment program.  Our mission is to make a sustainable mark in the world by providing safe water, sanitation and hygiene education to children and families in need, and to help people affected by disasters and other emergencies. In the booth, you’ll get a little sample of our efforts with a “sole” warming giveaway.

We are excited to be a part of this year’s event and hope to see you there. Together, we have the opportunity of a lifetime, because when we solve water for our customers, we’re solving so much more.