What habits support your mental health? One thing I’ve learned about myself is how important it is for me to get outside and take a pause. It sounds simple, but it’s easy to arrive at work or sit down to begin working at home and forget to pause. Before you know it, the day is gone and the sun has set. To force a pause, I hit play on a podcast and walk outside.

In honor of International Podcast Day, I’m sharing a few podcast episodes about water. If your pause is short, I recommended a snippet from each episode… all of which are 2 minutes or less.

Down to Earth: Restoring the global water cycle

Sandra Postel, recipient of the 2021 Stockholm Water Prize, shares what’s broken about the water cycle and how technology can work with nature to address these challenges.
If you have less than two minutes, listen to… 13:33-15:00: How science and technology can help us manage water in a smarter, more efficient way.

Let’s Talk About Water: Valuing Water

What is the value of water? This episode is a condensed version of the Let’s Talk About Water virtual forum hosted on World Water Day 2021. In it, three experts share their unique perspectives on valuing water.
If you have less than two minutes, listen to… 19:58-21:00: Why solving water must be a shared effort across companies, communities and the stewards of water like utilities. We all have a role to play!

Overheard at National Geographic: The Canary of the Sea

Beluga whales communicate under water. In this episode, one researcher shares how these animals communicate, and what’s possible when we stop to listen.
If you only have two minutes, listen to… 4:05-6:05: Find out how beluga whales communicate in water, and why they are nicknamed the canary of the sea.

TechBurst Asia: WATER moves up the SUSTAINABILITY agenda – How one company leads by example

Xylem’s Vice President of Marketing and Product Management Renée Peet shares how digital twins, sensors, artificial intelligence and remote monitoring help utilities and cities address water scarcity, resilience and affordability.
If you have less than two minutes, listen to… 2:51-4:11: The water-energy nexus. How saving water saves energy, and in turn saves more water.

Xylem Solving Water: The Digital Transformation of Water Utilities 

I spoke with Amanda Holloway, host of our own Xylem podcast, about the evolution of the water sector and the role technology plays in helping water utilities today, tomorrow and well into the future.
If you have less than two minutes, listen to… 9:01-10:05: The power of technology to provide x-ray vision into buried water infrastructure that we previously could not see or monitor.

These are just a few of my favorite episodes about water… there are many more out there to help us learn more about the water industry and water technology! Why not take a mental pause and press play?