Our latest field profile features Emily Kennedy, a senior business analyst who loves the outdoors and all creatures great and small.

In 20 words or less, what do you do?
I work with customers to successfully integrate our FlexNet solution.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?
Getting to work with so many different people all over the country! I love to travel – no matter how exhausting it can be sometimes. I really miss it right now!

What surprises people most when you tell them about your job?
The response I get the most is, “Meters can be smart?!?!”

What has been the biggest change to your daily routine since the pandemic began?
We have moved to a work-from-home environment and also had to the reduce the number of onsite customer visits. It’s been tough to be physically distant from my customers, but we’re making the best of it with lots of Zoom calls!

What’s your favorite customer memory or field experience?
My involvement with the Philadelphia Water Development (PWD) project. PWD was my first customer workshop experience at Sensus. It taught me that my biggest learning opportunities can come from not just my colleagues, but my customers, as well.

Finish this sentence: On a given day, you will find me…
Talking incredibly loudly – even when I’m alone at home.

Tell us something that most of your friends and co-workers don’t know about you:
I have a background in swine genetics. If you have a question about pigs, then I’m your girl!

If you weren’t in the utility industry, what would your dream job be?
I’d be a beekeeper!

Find out what Emily is “buzzing” about. Learn more about how our Professional Services team can ensure successful integration and deployment of our FlexNet communication network.