Get to know Jon Brennan, one of our east coast field engineers who has an affinity for safety, space & Skynyrd.

In 20 words or less, what do you do?
I work to keep a large utility communications network at its top performance and reliability.

What has been the biggest change to your daily job routine since the pandemic began?
The biggest change I’ve experienced has been the additional PPE and precautions we are taking to protect ourselves and the customers. Before COVID-19, we would frequently interact with our customers in-person and it was easier for us to build relationships – that’s much harder to accomplish right now.

What are you doing that makes you considered “essential?”
The communications network that I maintain not only tells the utility how to properly bill their customers, but more importantly the parallel network controls the movement of power from place to place – without this network we are in the dark.

What surprises people most when you tell them about your job?
Most people can’t believe how much goes into keeping their lights on, and how many smart people are needed to make that happen.

Finish this sentence: On a given day, you will find me…
out in the field – finding, isolating and fixing sources of RF interference.

What’s your favorite safety tip or work hack?
If you wouldn’t do it in front of your mother, then it might not be safe!

Tell us something that no one else knows about you:
I’m hoping 36 isn’t too old for Space Camp!

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