In mid-March, when the COVID-19 pandemic was just starting to impact daily life across North America, the leadership behind the Xylem Reach user conference was busy grappling with a difficult decision. After years of hosting a world-class user conference dedicated to our customers, should it be cancelled?

When framing the question from our customer’s perspective, the decision wasn’t very difficult. Utilities play a critical role in delivering essential services to keep their customers and communities safe and healthy. They had more important things to worry about during the pandemic than attending a conference.

The live event was dead. A new virtual version of Reach was born. 

Content Reimagined

Attention spans are interesting animals. When sitting in a conference room surrounded by utility peers, it isn’t difficult to maintain focus on the person talking. The same cannot be said for an online environment. Distractions are omnipresent. Your email inbox is calling out – beckoning for you to multitask.

With that in mind, we’ve adapted the content format to fit the real world. Shorter 8-10 minute demos are commonplace. Half-hour panel discussions are ready for consumption. Sessions will be recorded, so if something does arise—you’ll be able to watch at your convenience. We are doing everything we can to conform the content to the reality of today’s dynamic work environment.

And, I almost forgot. We’ve waived the fee to attend. Reach is now free.

Four Can’t Miss Sessions

  1. For Electric Utilities:
    Beyond billing: Squeezing more operational benefits out of your AMI network
    We’ve gathered three utility executives to learn their approach to getting additional value out of their AMI network. This session promises to be an interesting look at how a pragmatic approach to AMI can coexist with being a progressively-minded utility. In this interactive panel discussion, we’ll discuss several real-world use-cases where utilities are discovering additional value in their AMI network. Conservation Voltage Detection, Phase Detection and more.

  2. For Water Utilities:
    Water 2025, The Water Utility of the Future
    This session provides a look into utility intelligence and the challenges, data collection, integration, monitoring, analytics, control and possibilities for water utilities in the future. Join Travis Smith, senior director of product marketing at Sensus, as he discusses the water utility of the future and next steps to achieve true utility intelligence.

  3. For Gas Utilities:
    Fine Tuning Transportation: Nicor’s Experience with the Daily Reads Application
    Hear how Nicor Gas, Illinois’ largest natural gas company, is using the Daily Reads app to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs, while removing the risk of system obsolescence.

  4. For All Utilities:
    If I Had Known Then What I Know Now: Best Practices for AMI Operating Efficiencies
    During this interactive discussion, three utility professionals from the City of Lakeland, Nicor Gas and EnergyUnited share their experience and advice to prepare for a seamless RNI deployment. Hear about some of their obstacles, what they wish they had known and what they would have done differently.

Reach is dead. Long live Reach.

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