In today’s age, devices no longer need to be just functional, they need to be durable, environmentally conscious, accurate, and, on top of all that, have a sleek, no-nonsense design. When it came to designing the latest residential gas meter at Sensus, our goal was to leverage technological advancements to create the smartphone of gas meters – one that met every customer need while maintaining top-tier design and quality. The result is the Sonix IQ – an ultrasonic meter designed with all those requirements in mind, but unlike a smartphone, with a lifespan of 20 years.

The Sonix IQ meter is smaller than traditional diaphragm meters and tucks away inconspicuously against the side of the home. A smaller design reduces packaging waste and shipping costs since more meters can be shipped per truck, allowing customers to go green while also minimizing logistics headaches. This meter also features an integrated radio, so instead of having a bulky bolt-on part, all of the components are contained neatly in the sleek modern form factor. Fewer bolt-on parts also means fewer opportunities for component failure and a more durable design.

Instead of traditional stickers and labels customer and part information is laser etched into the cover, so there’s no more crooked application and sticky residue. Laser etching removes opportunity for operator error during sticker application, ensuring the correct part information is applied every time. And, this laser etching is more durable than traditional labels and stickers – when a meter is built to last 20 years, durability matters. Even if the meter is painted or sprayed over, you simply wipe the faceplate and the laser etched information is legible.

The configurable scrolling LCD display provides more information than traditional meter displays. It shows information on reads and flow as well as provides indicators on the health of the meter, such as low battery warnings. It is also the only residential meter on market with a built-in pressure sensor to help utilities diagnose where they are over- or under-delivering.

In a world where we expect everything from our technology, the Sonix IQ delivers and it is designed to continue to deliver for 20 years.