The uncertainty surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been unsettling and stressful for people around the world. While many are encouraged to practice social distancing and stay in our homes, there are those essential personnel that are unable to follow these guidelines.

We are all thankful for our healthcare workers saving lives every day. The first responders who are called on scene in every crisis. And the grocery store and pharmacy workers who brave the challenges and go to work to ensure we have medicine and supplies to keep us going. They are true heroes no matter the situation, but an essential player that we need more than ever are the utility companies who support our vital services like electricity, gas and water.

Many utility employees can’t work from home. They need to be monitoring water systems, operating power plants, repairing electricity distribution lines or checking for gas leaks in homes – often in close contact with each other or customers.

We want electric, gas, and water utilities around the world to know how much we appreciate them and show our thanks for their hard work to ensure their communities have the essential services they need.

We invite you to join us in honoring the utility heroes who are on the frontline and risking their lives to continue to provide critical infrastructure support by using #ThankYourUtility.

Simply take a picture, make a video or find some way to capture what you appreciate that our utilities are providing during this difficult time.  Then post it to your social channels, like Facebook or Twitter, and tag the post with #ThankYourUtility so we can share your thanks with utilities around the world!