Without water there would be no chocolate, no roses, and no wine for that romantic dinner, which would also be a little hard to cook without any gas. And no electricity would mean the wineless, foodless dinner would be candlelit by necessity not as a romantic gesture.

It seems without the support of utilities, Valentine’s Day would cease to exist and so would we.

Yet today, they probably aren’t receiving love notes or chocolates from customers. Instead they’re most likely receiving calls about high bills, leaks, or worse yet- no service at all.

Today, they are working diligently to keep the water flowing, the power on, and the heat turned up, ensuring Valentine’s Day and every other day continues as seamlessly as possible for all of us.

Let’s share the love and say thanks to all the utilities and the employees who continue to improve our lives by supplying us with the world’s most precious resources. Also thanks for cleaning up our crap!

Here are a few valentines we’re sending your way!