In honor of National Electrical Safety Month, we’re showcasing some not-so-commonly known ways that smart meters make the world a safer place to live. 

  1. Fewer Trucks on the Road
    With two-way meter communication, utilities can remotely perform many tasks that previously required a truck roll. From monthly billing reads to connecting/disconnecting service, utilities can now automate these tasks reducing the need for a truck. This eliminates countless traffic accidents, removes unnecessary road obstructions due to working utility trucks and lessens the chance of a job-related injury for utility personnel. 

    Georgia Power states on their website that “…smart meters allow us to take nearly 300 vehicles off the road and eliminate 14 million miles of travel.”  This shift away from fossil fuel burning trucks, also reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. This leads to the second point…

  2. Reducing Our Carbon Footprint
    Building a more sustainable and hopeful future for our planet is in everyone’s best interest. Reducing the amount of energy we use is a step in the right direction. With smart meters, consumers can access their energy usage in near real-time. This visibility empowers them to take control and adjust their energy consumption. Utilities can also influence positive behavior change, by implementing time-of-use rates, pre-pay billing, demand response programs and more.  

  3. Protecting Our Families
    Within each smart meter there are countless sensors that can take action and alert the utility to unforeseen dangers. Sometimes it’s as simple as sending the utility a message letting them know that there is a momentary outage or temporary fault, such as a tree limb touching a wire.

    Other times, the meter can take immediate action during a time-sensitive, critical moment if needed. In the case of some advanced smart meters, they have the intelligence to remotely turn off if it senses an abnormally high temperature—protecting both your home and your family. The meter can even notify the utility of other unknown hazards, such as open-neutral identification, tilt detection and energy theft.

The world is a dangerous place. If by having a smart meter we can help make it a little bit safer, let’s do it. National Electrical Safety Month might only be recognized in May, but smart meters can help everyone stay safe all year.