Established in 2008, the Sensus Partner and Advisor Network (SPAN) is a consortium of customers working jointly to enhance their knowledge of Sensus solutions. SPAN makes it easier for members to exchange ideas, share best practices and maintain an open line of communication with Sensus through general membership and subcommittees! In this short video, you will hear from members of the SPAN Executive Committee, which consists of both Sensus customers and staff.

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Jeff Parish: The SPAN organization provides a great forum for customers to get together, discuss the issues that are common for the technology that we all share and are using. And it provides an opportunity to air those questions that you might have, that you may not have another resource to go back to get answers.

Nikki Hoyt: SPAN is unique because it gives direct access to others within the Sensus community, as well as the Sensus liaisons that are assigned to each subcommittee. As members, we are given the opportunity to interact directly with Sensus and that gives us the chance to be able to provide feedback, share ideas, discuss challenges, and really just a great platform for us to be able to work together collaboratively.

Brandon Lundy: SPAN is made up of 10 subcommittees, each subcommittee talking about a very different topic, ranging from electric meter, gas meter, and water meter. And then we have subcommittees that sort of traverse all other subjects, like infrastructure and security. So, sometimes we have joint subcommittee calls, where there is a common topic and there are multiple subcommittees in attendance, but each subcommittee has a unique and distinct membership. And really we have a conversation throughout the year and that conversation includes a subcommittee chair that leads the conversation and a Sensus liaison then really brings the Sensus resources to the table to make sure that we can facilitate that conversation.

Kevin McCauley: Being a member of SPAN has really helped my utility learn from others and others’ experiences. When we first deployed our Sensus FlexNet system, we leaned on others in this SPAN community to learn from them as to what worked well and what didn’t work well. And we continue to lean on those members as we go through software upgrades and equipment upgrades.

Nikki Hoyt: My favorite SPAN memory was the first time I attended a breakout session at a Reach conference. I just remember sitting in the room and listening to all of these different utilities sharing their stories and just being so impressed with the wealth of information and the knowledge that was in the room and the experience. Seeing how these utilities were using the information and technology to solve problems and overcome challenges – it was just really exciting. So it’s something I really look forward to going into the conference each year.