At Xylem, being a good partner extends well beyond providing cutting-edge technology and services. Our customers are a driving force in their communities – providing essential resources to all. Volunteering through Watermark is just one way we serve as an extension of that mission. Now, won’t you volunteer alongside us? Tell us how we can give back in your community or let’s plan an event together!


Greetings, Xylem team and thank you for getting out and getting involved in this year’s Watermark Make Your Mark challenge! Thank you for plogging, walking and running for water! Thank you for participating in webinars, watching documentaries and helping educate others about water! Thank you for supporting the efforts of our global partners like Americares, Mercy Corps and Earth Echo as they solve global water challenges. Thank you for planting, watering and seeing your projects go from Seed to Bloom! Thank you for getting out in your communities to clean up waterways and keep trash out of our oceans! And for always logging your hours.

At Xylem, sustainability is about more than being a good corporate citizen. Our investors believe in our business as a solid investment… and also an investment they believe in. They trust us to solve major issues like water scarcity and infrastructure resiliency. Our customers and partners expect us to share in their mission. To give back in their communities. To participate in the good. So to each and every one of you who volunteered during this challenge… thank you. Thank you for adding value to all of the shareholders we serve. Let’s keep up the momentum and keep volunteering!