At the journey’s start he was clean-shaven and optimistic. Over the next six months, the beard grew unruly and emotions ran the gamut from positive to absolutely dejected. Last October, Mike Posner, the Grammy-nominated musician behind the 2010 Billboard hit “Cooler Than Me”, completed a 2,851 mile stroll across America. Along the way he was joined by fellow hikers, spent countless hours of introspective thought, and suffered through a painful rattlesnake bite that necessitated an emergency helicopter ride.

Mike’s journey reminds me of wandering the exhibit hall at DISTRIBUTECH. On your show floor walk, you’ll probably enjoy the friendly banter of industry colleagues, have some quiet time to reflect on interesting sessions, and at some point experience an overeager salesperson’s jargon-filled venom. (I don’t expect that a helicopter will be available to whisk you away, though.)

Mike’s walk across America began with a destination in mind—to reach the Pacific Ocean. You should have a destination, too.

3 reasons why Sensus Booth #2447 should be your “Pacific Ocean”

1 Bonus content at the Sensus Learning Lounge

We’re leaning on some industry heavy-hitters to give quick, 10-minute “TED Talk-style” presentations throughout the show. We’ve designed these sessions to give you actionable insights in just a few minutes. With topics such as “Reducing the costs of inaccurate connectivity models,” you’ll come back to your supervisor with an action plan that will impress.

2 Live grid edge demos

Even though technology is supposed to make our lives easier, it often complicates things.  Take managing the grid as an example – we have more analytics solutions than ever, yet the complexity increases daily.  At the Sensus booth, we’ll be demonstrating real-world tested solutions that are proven to simplify data and grid management.

Here are just a few:  

  • Load Insight: An intuitive application that lets you proactively monitor the health of your distribution assets
  • Outage Notifications: An on-site demo of the Stratus IQ electricity meter quickly communicating with the utility post-outage
  • Distribution Automation: A demo of how intelligent automation devices combined with a reliable, low-latency network equals resiliency for your customers

These demos all have one component in common—they’ll make your daily job more efficient, and ultimately, easier. 

3 A pragmatic approach to AMR to AMI migration

We know it’s painful to even think about removing an asset before its original business case is fully realized. Nobody wants to strand assets.  At the Sensus booth, we’ll be demonstrating a proven and cost-effective way of transitioning away from legacy ERT technology without leaving assets behind. It’s a path to AMI that just makes sense.

Mike had a destination in mind and you should, too.  The first step in reaching your destination goal is to have a plan. Sign up today for a personalized-to-you booth tour—providing you with a destination for your long DTECH expo walk.

See you at Sensus Booth #2447.