T’was the night before Christmas and all through the town.

Elf on a meter

Not a creature was stirring, except employees at the utility compound.

The Base Stations were hung on the towers with care to ensure that any leaks wouldn’t be there.

And the Utility Director and team in their hardhats just settled down to monitor where the system was at.

When alerts on the screen created such a clatter and the employees sprang up to see what was the matter.

Away on the keyboard fingers flew like a flash, to determine if a crew needed to be dispatched.

What to their wondering eyes did appear but a GIS map with pressure data to show that it was nothing severe.

FlexNet had given them the information needed to make sure that our water was properly treated.

With on-demand data and the insights received the utility could ensure service levels continued to exceed.

On ally®, on Sonix, on Stratus® and more, the remote meters and network stop trucks being rolled like they were before.

With our utilities constantly at work, we can know that our gas lines won’t cause any spark.

Our cookies and treats can be decorated to perfection and we can be assured of no calls from our friendly meter technicians.

Our houses and businesses will have plenty of light ensuring happy holidays for all and lots of good nights.