Natural gas utilities are always striving to do more with less. That’s what makes the Sonix IQ™ ultrasonic residential meter an ideal solution for utilities migrating to AMI. At less than 50% of the size and weight of a traditional residential diaphragm meter, the Sonix IQ gives gas utilities improved accuracy, greater flexibility in installing meters in high-density areas, and lower operating costs.

When designing the Sonix IQ, Sensus engineers made very intentional choices to improve meter performance and reliability:

  • We placed the shut-off valve at the inlet side to protect the components within the meter itself and ensure safe pressure delivery to the home.
  • We chose to use a ball valve rather than a flap valve to prevent debris from entering the flow chamber.
  • We designed the meter with a built-in pressure monitor for more reliable and responsive pressure management than external sensors provide.                                            

While the competition only offers a 250 class residential ultrasonic meter, the Sonix IQ is available in both 250 class and 425 class in the same size footprint.

Gas utilities benefit from the 425 class Sonix IQ in several ways:

Reduced inventory costs. The 425 Sonix IQ costs less than a 425 diaphragm meter and is only 50% the size, which means inventory savings on both the cost of the meter, as well as the cost to store it.

Streamlined inventory management. The 425 class Sonix IQ is only slightly more expensive than the 250 class, so utilities can standardize to the 425 class Sonix IQ and gain far greater capacity at a much lower cost per. Plus, the utility’s Procurement team now has only one meter type to stock – simplifying inventory management and reducing on-hand inventory costs.

Simpler and faster replacement when upgrading from the 250 class. The Sonix IQ features standard 6-inch connections, so field technicians don’t need to change the piping when upgrading from a 250 to 425 class meter. This reduces the time and labor cost for meter replacement, as well as minimizing inconvenience to the end customer.

Meets growing demand for greater residential gas capacity. Lifestyle trends like outdoor kitchens with grills, pool heaters, and instant hot water heaters are driving demand for 425 class meters. With Sensus, you can migrate to ultrasonic metering while preparing to meet future needs.

Click here to learn more about how the Sonix IQ’s built-in functionality and frequent reads enable you to maximize your utility’s return on investment and prepare for changing market demands.