The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a glimpse into a very different way of living than what we are used to. A world without hugs from our friends and family, concerts, sporting events and many more of the activities we love to do. 

Weekends used to be spent watching my kids on the soccer field. Friendships were built and nurtured with every goal.   Family trips revolved around soccer matches and offered cultural experiences first hand. Last year we went to France for the FIFA Women’s World Cup, four years before we were in Montreal for the same reason. One of the next trips we had planned was to see the Manchester City Women’s team play.

As crazy as it sounds, I miss baking in the sun on a turf pitch for 90 minutes watching some kids kick a ball. For me it’s not just a game.

Today is 2020 World Nature Conservation Day and Xylem and Manchester City launched a global campaign, “The End of Football” which raises awareness on global water challenges and tells the emotional story of how water scarcity is currently predicted to impact the UK – and the game we love – by the year 2045.

In the North Carolina, our soccer programs along with so many things, are on hold due to the pandemic. I feel like we have experienced a taste of the ‘end of football’, causing this campaign to hit close to home for many, including my family.

Coronavirus has shown us how delicate the world really is and forced us to imagine a world without so many things becoming a permanent reality. As we look to the future where drought problems and water complacency impact our daily lives and affect the things we love most, we can all take steps to use water more sustainably.

My advice, don’t take the things you love for granted and do your part.

Today you social distance, wash your hands and wear a mask. Every day, adjust your water consumption so we can all get back to doing the things we love for long into the future.

Join forces with Xylem Watermark and become a water hero!