There’s been a lot of buzz about Customer Experience (CX) in recent years, especially with so many interactions shifting to digital in the wake of Covid-19. But for electric cooperatives, the focus on delivering a good experience for their members is not new. It’s been at the very core of their charter since co-ops were established.

Traditional Power Line Carrier (PLC) programs aren’t capable of providing co-ops with the real-time data needed to give their members tools like billing forecasts, pre-pay options and service alerts. That’s one of several reasons why many electric co-ops are migrating from PLC to radio frequency (RF) wireless Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

But making the case for the investment can be challenging. There are a lot of benefits to consider, as well as costs. But since co-ops’ existence begins with their members, any discussion about migrating from PLC to AMI needs to start there – with how AMI will improve their members’ energy experience.

Sensus recently released an e-Book, outlining the top five ways in which migrating from PLC to AMI benefits co-ops’ members, including how next-generation AMI:

  • Provides more proactive data and communication for both the utility and members
  • Improves safety for the entire community
  • Increases cash flow for members with greater co-op dividends, plus savings on their own usage

Download the 5 Customer Benefits of Switching from PLC to AMI and start mapping out your business case for AMI.